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July 16, 2009

It’s a long time since I’ve really journeyed outside of Australia. Over twenty years, to be precise (i don’t include two short hops to New Zealand and a thoroughly forgettable five days in Fiji fighting with a now ex-girlfriend).

And with good reason.

When all of my friends were off wandering the world, working in hospitality to save enough money for their next sojourn, I was wandering around Australia, hitching from place to place, working odd jobs, seeing my own country.

Three years on the road living out of a thirty litre pack, with only two t-shirts, a pair of shorts, pair of jeans, jumper, jacket, boots and my tent to keep me out of the weather (that and my wits when i had them about me).

Three years of sleeping in truck-stops, on park benches, beneath picnic tables, under bridges and on bare concrete floors.

I’m proud to say that I’ve seen more of Australia than almost any other Aussie I know – but to be honest, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

Regardless, I now find myself in Boulder, Colorado – and i have to say it feels more like home than anywhere I’ve been before.

This blog is really just an outlet for a restless mind (what mind isn’t restless). It’s something i’ve been meaning to get to for almost ten years, yet somehow there always seemed something more important to deal with. Some relationship, some business, some thing that required my attention and invariably received it.

Only now, in Boulder, liberated for a time from a business that has demanded more and more of me over the years, am I finding the time to rest, revive and contemplate what it truly means, for me to live sustainably.

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  1. July 18, 2009 22:49


    Thank you for your contemplative thoughts.

    I actually think that “marketing” is the frontier for sustainability.

    Activism, campaigning and political lobbying are all necessary. However “sustainability” and its features and benefits needs to be sold to the masses.

    When one looks at the history of the consumerist society. One can observe the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues. ( “Consumerism” probably started in earnest post World war II, to keep the manufacturing industries churning when the demands of war were quenched by a couple of atomic bombs.

    In order to create a more sustainable and just world, I believe we need to counter and reverse the messages of “consumerism” and actually educate consumers of the benefits of sustainability and the consequences of rampant consumption.

    Concurrently, we need to sell the message to retailers, suppliers & manufacturers to consider the market advantages of selling, supplying and producing products & services that meet the needs of the current generation witout COMPROMISING the ability of future generations (or developing communities) to meet their needs.

    Incidentally, I spent 7 years in environmental mangement for the oil/gas/resources sector. I was attempting to make changes from the inside of an industry that was never going to be “sustainable”. My beloved & I made 7 moves in 7 years across 5 states – exploring much of this sunburnt country. Whilst I have also done a little exploring overseas, I commend the notion of “seeing my own country”. I have ambitions for transcontinental cycling trips.



    Post Script:

    A couple of blogs that may interest you:
    A 26 year old god botherer called Erin from Brisbane. Her blog is about her journey to follow that niggling feeling inside & seek what it truly means to live sustainably.
    2009 is a crucial year for climate activism, globally. Are we actually going to win, and solve climate change? Are we hopeful or do we despair? Does it even matter? This blog explores these questions, and more, and hopes to inspire those activists who read it.

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