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about me

I am involved with several ventures, all within the LOHAS space:

  • uncompromise – a commercialisation and marketing firm dedicated to health and sustainability enterprises
  • icologi – a green hosting & web development company
  • wellnessconnect – a digital marketing service specifically for the wellness industry
  • nutravida – an online naturopathic weight loss program
  • kindred – the world’s most respected and endorsed natural and conscious parenting magazine

Unlike other commercialisation and marketing firms, we not only provide fee for service work, but we partner with other like minded organisations, and frequently acquire a stake in the projects we work on in exchange for our commercial intelligence.

I’ve been operating in the health and sustainability space for over fifteen years, and, amongst other things:

  • setup the first organic restaurant in Australia
  • setup the first environmental cleaning company in Australia
  • setup the first dedicated LOHAS marketing consultancy in Australia
  • am a director of One Health Organisation – an international humanitarian aid agency promoting the principals of Holistic Primary Health Care
  • am the sponsorship & marketing director Design Institute of Australia (Qld)
  • am a former committee member of the Natural Health Care Alliance (a governing body working to bring together 140 disparate professional organizations)
  • am a former executive committee member of The Big Issue
  • have overseen services to over 200 LOHAS projects – from micro business to multi national – in nine countries in the past three years alone.

I’m currently living in Boulder, Colorado.

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